Cleaning better together.

Commercial cleaning is an industry powered by people — and it always will be. But, as cleaning needs continue to grow and evolve, it can be hard to keep up. Whiz — our autonomous vacuum sweeper — can provide the extra support your business needs. Delivering a proven quality clean, Whiz increases the productivity of your team, while helping you cut costs, take on new clients, keep growing your business.


The cleaning industry is approaching a breaking point.

Today, commercial cleaner profit margins hover around 1.3%.

Customer needs keep expanding...


increase in building floorplan size
by 2050


increase in cleaning production rates
per square foot

...and the workforce gap keeps widening.

Janitor turnover rates approaching


on average


increase in open janitor jobs
by 2026

How can you keep your business profitable with more to clean — and fewer employees?

This is where robotics can make the difference — filling in the gaps and supporting staff so they can do more.

Learn how Whiz can complement your cleaning team.

Whiz can clean up your operations.

Whiz is an autonomous vacuum sweeper that uses advanced AI to help janitorial teams clean better than ever.

By offloading repetitive, mundane work to an automated solution:

  • Your team can be more productive — with more time to focus on other critical tasks like detail cleaning and high dusting.
  • Your business can be more profitable — with higher-quality cleaning, proven performance, reduced turnover and injuries, and a workforce that can adapt to changing cleaning needs.

See exactly how

Whiz cuts costs

with our
ROI Calculator

Whiz automates up to 30% of the average cleaning operation.

Whiz can clean 15,000 square feet on a single charge.

Whiz pays for itself each month, thanks to a unique SaaS payment model.

Deliver higher quality, more efficient cleaning

  • Ensure cleaning consistency and frequency with automated processes.
  • Standardize cleaning routes across different teams.
  • Access daily cleaning reports for proof of performance.

Increase your business' scope and capabilities

  • Offload the time-consuming vacuuming of halls and common areas.
  • Cover more ground and improve productivity.
  • Use data to improve routes and increase efficiency over time.

Drive new cost savings

  • Reduce time to clean.
  • Decrease energy costs in commercial buildings with less nigh ttime cleaning.
  • Lower total cost of ownership with a SaaS model.

Reduce the impact of turnover and absenteeism

  • Never skip vacuuming — regardless of staff shortages.
  • Reduce repetitive and injury-inducing tasks, for happier employees.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.

Win business as an innovative leader

  • Outpace the competition with cutting-edge technology.
  • Uniquely deliver proof of cleaning performance.
  • Demonstrate your ability to meet changing market needs.

Case Study

A better clean. Greater productivity. Happier guests. See how Whiz helped the Hilton Garden Inn in Gilroy.

View the case study